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John Lennon Death of a Dream

George Carpozi Jr.


Casino Royale

Fleming, Ian


Dartmoor Burial A Claire Camden Mystery

Peterson, Audrey


Hi and Lois

Walker, Mort & Browne, Dik


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Duncan, Lois


Killing Mr. Griffin

Duncan Lois


Mad About Mad!

Aragones, Sergio


Palm Beach

Booth, Pat


Return To OZ

Vinge, Joan D.


Return To Payton Place

Metalious, Grace


Silver Jubilee Diary Of Events

Aston, Harriet


Stranger With My Face

Duncan, Lois



The Book Of Frank Herbert

Herbert, Frank


The Fire's Center
The Story Of A Doctor's Greatest Crisis based on the hit Universal-ABC TV series Marcus Welby MD

Cassidy, Bruce


The Loner #1 Colorado Kill

Trimnell, Robert L.


The Mirror Crack'd

Christie, Agatha


The Official Religious Joke Book
The Official Not So Religious Joke Book

Wilde, Larry


You Only Live Twice

Fleming, Ian