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Books for collectors (signed & first editions), readers, and lovers of unique & nostalgic books.

Nostalgic Books and Elements LLC, NB&E, prides itself on rescuing unique and nostalgic books that sometimes include an element. 
 I provide detailed descriptions, multiple photographs, and wrap each dust jacket in a protective mylar sleeve.

NOSTALGIC - "Thinking fondly of a past time."

That is how NB&E got started. I found a photo of me as a little girl reading. I remembered that day and felt nostalgic. I was reading while my parents played tennis. I even recalled images of the quaint little bookstore where I found Beyond The Pawpaw Trees. Both the photo and the first edition book now sit on a shelf near my bedside reminding me of my childhood. And in case you hadn't notice, I wasn't too happy about being interrupted from reading for the photo. What a face!

ELEMENTS - A little something extra to tell the book's story. 

Every now and then, a little something "extra" is found to go with a book. For example, this Richard Brautigan book comes with a newspaper clipping about his mysterious death. Brautigan was "...a hero of the '60s counterculture.." He was only 49 when he died of a gunshot wound. "Brautigan roamed San Francisco's famed Haight-Ashbury section during the height of the flower-child era,..." Having this article about the author made this book extra special. Thus, elements became a part of NB&E.