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The Christmas Sweater

Beck, Glenn

2008 - First Edition ("1" present) - SIGNED - a "...classic about boyhood memories, wrenching life lessons, and the true meaning of the gifts we give to one another in love." - book: very good - dj: very good - dj in protective sleeve

A perfect book for reading to children next to the fire place and displaying as cozy holiday decoration. Author signed books have special energy to them. An opportunity to teach young ones about books, authors, and the joy of reading.


Christmas In Plains


Robot Santa The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin

Koontz, Dean

2004 - First Edition ("1" present) - illustrated by Phil Parks (see photos) - "The Clause family's bad seed, Bob, is back and dishing out a second helping of holiday havoc and headaches for his twin brother, Santa." - book: near fine - dj: very good - white sticker over price on back cover - dj in protective sleeve

A beautifully illustrated children's book to enjoy reading to children at bedtime and displaying as Christmas decor. An opportunity to teach young ones about the joy of books with illustrations and first editions.




The Christmas Wish

Evert, Lori

2013 - First Edition stated ("1" present) - ""This is a story of Anja, both brave and kind, who sets out on an adventure to make her dream of helping Santa Clause come true." - book: near fine - dj: near fine - dj in protective sleeve


Twelve Days of Christmas

Moroney, Trace

2009 - "A charming Christmas book; it also doubles up as a counting aid, providing a fun way for young children to learn to count from one to twelve - both forward and backwards!" - book: very good

A chunky cutout book for young children to enjoy around the Christmas tree while singing the 12 days of Christmas!


If You Take A Mouse To the Movies

The Spirit of Christmas

The Wild Christmas Reindeer


The Holiday Cook Book

Guthrie, Vee

1950 - First Edition - "... cheery little hand-book of holiday cookery..." - whimsical red and green illustrations

Perfect nostalgic small (4 1/2 x 7 inches) cookbook to add to a gift basket!


When Angels Sing

The Christmas Thief

The Immortal Nicholas

When Angels Sing - 1999 - First Edition stated ("1" present) - book: very good - dj: very good

The Christmas Thief - 2004 - First Edition ("1" present) - book: very good - dj: very good

The Immortal Nicholas - 2015 - First Edition ("1" present) book very good - dj: very good - sticker damage back cover lower right near spine

The 3 books create a cozy Christmas decor!

set of 3 books $15.99

The Night Before Christmas

A Disneyland Record Book

1970 - Vintage/Collectable - A Disney Record and Book - SEE the pictures, HEAR the record - READ the book - book: very good - all pages are clean and unmarked - record: 7" 331/3 RPM looks to be in good condition for age

$8 Vintage/Collectable

the Elf on the Shelf

Aebersold, Carol V. and Bell, Chanda A.

2005 - FIRST EDITION - illustrated by Coe Steinwart - book: near fine - dj: near fine


Stan Lee's Superhero Christmas

Lee, Stan

Harper Collins

2004 - FIRST EDITION - Stan Lee - illustrated by Tim Jessell - "...terrible ice trolls launch a surprise attack on the North Pole and capture Santa." - book: near fine - dj: near fine - dj in protective sleeve


Skipping Christmas

Dogs' Letters To Santa

Grisham, John and Adler, Bill

Skipping Christmas - 2001- First Edition stated ("1" present) - "... come December 25th they're setting sail on a Caribbean cruise. But, as this weary couple is about to discover, skipping Christmas brings enormous consequences -- and it's half as easy as thy'd imagined." - book: near fine - dj: near fine Dogs' Letters To Santa - 2006 - First Edition ("1" present) - dog's letters are mainly about " loved, food, and concerns about their people. With apt and amusing illustrations throughout,..." - book: near fine - dj: near fine

set of 2 first edition books $10.99